Little Blue Lemon prides itself on making things easier for you. After your wedding, we take the initiative and pre-design an album for you. Many couples find this a great way to get started on narrowing down their album picture selection. To be honest, most just purchase the predesign outright, with changes and picture swapping of course. 

Online Proofing
All your images will be accessible via online gallery. We highly recommend you register and invite your family and friends to join so that they too can access your images once you are ready to show off your wedding. Couples have full control over who the gallery is released too. All our galleries are full service and come with shopping cart capabilities.

Don't Forget The "Thank You's"
When the time comes for sending out your thank you cards, impress your guests with our super-hip, uber-cool custom postcards, designed by us, featuring you, in a style that is uniquely your very own! Custom designed Thank You's start at $4.00 and most couples order enough to cover half of their guest list.